Mad Hugs - The Sadness Before the Serenity


DENVER, CO - Hailing from Rochester, New York, premo electronica artist Jeffrey Hull comes with his new instrumental album, "The Sadness Before the Serenity", which is a mix of melodic and moody instrumentals backed by sole made drum beats capturing a bit of mania and beauty. 

Having created the beats for the Mad Osc albums "The Uplift EP" Volumes 1 and 2 with old time friend Doc Osc, Jeffrey (Mad Hugs) Hull delivers a diverse blend of sounds and harmonies with His new album Mad Hugs- “The Sadness Before Solitude.” Having been a recording artist for the last 13 years, Mad Hug Hugs shines well on tracks such as “Holy Ghost” and “Darth Vader Crunk”.

Gear used to create this album include - Tascam dp02, Korg X50, Korg R3, Roland Sp-404 sx, Akai XR-20, Akg K-77 headphones, and electribe ea-1.







Listen to The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog (AYS) on YouTube here:




The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog

Are You Serious


DENVER, COLORADO - Greetings and welcome to the massive AYS Radio playlist, featuring all your favorite hits and lesser known B-sides from the Are You Serious Record Label artists, including music from Are You Serious, Mad Hugs, Sol Harmonics, True Vintage, Oscify, Versify, Magnificent Winspan, Mad Osc, and more!

This huge library of songs is the perfect background for activity for exercise, study, driving, even a party or barbeque




Oscify x Jpalm - The Moment is Eternal


DENVER, CO- Written by Denver, CO emcee Oscify, and produced by Detroit, MI beat server Jpalm, "The Moment is Eternal" consists of 12 hip-hop tracks recorded during the winter of 2015. 

The first official project produced by the pair's long running collaborative efforts going all the way back to 2006 has pleasant results. The vocals have been carefully layered over a diverse mix of psychedelic boom bap beats, reflecting a nice variety of soundscapes. This leads to a uniquely cerebral listening experience, simultaneously feeling both futuristic and at the same time extracted from the throwback vault of some alternate universe. The album contains only one feature from another longtime collaborator of Oscify, AllPoints, from their legendary group, Magnificent Wingspan. This lo-fi album is one of a kind. Only listening can explain.





True Vintage Feat. Soul Khan & Jordan Thompson


DENVER, CO- "What it Is" featuring Soul Khan and Jordan Thompson is the third single released by True Vintage off of their "As Seen On... TV!" album. The song has a smooth and jazzy hip-hop vibe with top notch lyrics from the emcees and an almost unbelieveably malifluous feel it it's brooding and smoky chorus. This is the epitome of modern smooth-bap.

"What it Is" was produced by Andy Arsenal with lyrics by Tha Clurk (DNE) & Oscify, and also features a verse by Soul Khan, and a chorus by Jordan Thompson. 






Doctor Oscify - Breathe Easy Soon


DENVER, CO- Album art by Thadeus from Krow Hill Photo. Visit http://www.getshotnow.com

Doctor Oscify's "Breathe Easy Soon" album features favorite tracks from the rapper's 2009 magnum opus of a mix tape. Several of the songs received some additional production for the album release, giving the sound a more condensed and cinematic approach when compared to the original mix tape. 

The mood is at times jubilant and depressed, upbeat and contemplative, and the themes surround the successes, struggles, hopes and aspirations of the up and coming young underground rapper. The album features DJ Dominic Deadbeat, Qbala, B Wright, AllPoints, & Limbo, singers David Ochoa & Evelyn Phierce, beat production from Jpalm, Es-K, Raze Brooks, Chriss-Slick, Chali Brown, Street Thief Productions, Improv, Ulliversal, Axinsane, & Oscify himself. This album is an amazing window into Colorado's unique underground hip-hop scene in 2009.



Doc Oscify - Good Evening


DENVER, CO- “Good Evening” is the follow up album to Oscify’s 2013 instrumental album, “Good After Noon”, and represents a stylistic evolution of the changes in mood between an afternoon and an evening. While “Good After Noon” was mostly mellow and jazzy hip hop sounds, “Good Evening” is darker, stranger, and more brooding. 

From the opening moments, its obvious that “Good Evening” isn’t your typical instrumental hip-hop album. The opening track, “Fashion” immediately seeks to subvert expectations through a steady build of odd orchestration and a payoff built around the song’s circular structure. 

All in all, “Good Evening” has a completely different feeling and mood from “Good After Noon” while still being connected through various creative threads. In doing so, Oscify has initiated one of the most unique albums of his career so far.