DENVER, CO- Part four of "The Uplift' series by Mad Hugs and Doc Oscify keeps the abstract ultra lyrical vibes of the previous releases with fresh beats and dope concepts. A bit shorter than Uplift 3, part 4 features guest verses from Sole of Anticon and Lord Zen Relzm of the Visionaries, as well as Mad Hugs' alter egos, Jibah and Hania Yiska. A positively uplifting experience, the Uplift 4 is here now for you! 








Listen to Raze Brooks x Oscify:





True Vintage - The Weigh Side


DENVER, CO - The weigh side is a sonnet of sound around the concept of balance, experience, journey, cognitive thought, and spirituality. All about weighing the ways we feel inside with the balance of what we see outside. With a super jazzy chillhop beat from Dirty Hairy, and sharp concise, and thought-provoking verses from Doc Os and the Clurk, as well as a catchy hook, the Weigh Side is a perfect old school hip-hop revival moment. 













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The Complete Are You Serious Music Library Catalog

Are You Serious


DENVER, COLORADO - Greetings and welcome to the massive AYS Radio playlist, featuring all your favorite hits and lesser known B-sides from the Are You Serious Record Label artists, including music from Are You Serious, Mad Hugs, Sol Harmonics, True Vintage, Oscify, Versify, Magnificent Winspan, Mad Osc, and more!

This huge library of songs is the perfect background for activity for exercise, study, driving, even a party or barbeque




Magnificent Wingspan


DENVER, CO- Margins is an ultra heavy and aggressive banger featuring dark, illustrative lyrics and a psychedelic electropulse dancehall beat. AllPoints sets it off with a few short vignettes in the form of incredible rhymes, and Oscify follows with a sick staccato stream of consciousness. With this new track, Mag wing continues to imprint their unique brand of hip hop in to the collective. 






Oscify | Jeztikal - Terminatrix


DENVER, CO- Another abstract hip-hop experimental from the creative minds of JEZTIKAL & OSCIFY. Drop a seed, watch it germinate. Turn a key, create or terminate. Call and request "Terminatrix feat. Oscify" by JEZTIKAL on Go95.3 FM in MN:(651)989-9595




Heart Break Kids - Daydream/Nightmare


DENVER, CO- Daydream / Nightmare is a classic HBK track. As the duo explore themes of relationships fear, growth, and 80's pop culture, the world of dreams and nightmares sits on either side.


Limbo's beat is a creepy, ominous, production, full of jump out of your seat scares in all the right places. Oscify's layers increase the intensity of the production.


Verses by Doc Os and Limbo are razor sharp, cinematic and full of imagery. At under three minutes, this is a short and sweet thriller.







ARE YOU SERIOUS feat. Johnny Royale & Ulliversal


DENVER, CO- "Take the Wheel" is a hip-hop / rock crossover track from AYS. Features a firey and highly intricate guest verse from hip-hop emcee Johnny Royale; and a a slamming sludge factory of a beat produced by Ulliversal from Versify.


Doc Oscify and Boonhamin come through with high energy verses, and David Ochoa's chorus blazes with massive intensity. With all these excellent ingredients, "Take the Wheel" is perfect for those country road drives and picture perfect Nascar finishes.


Take the wheel!